Color & Cloud is a Northern California Based Clothing Company

Women - Men - Kids

Color & Cloud is a family brand, started by a Midwestern girl, living the good life in Northern California.

Our Truth

At Color & Cloud, we believe that our love of nature and art can transcend fast fashion and inspire a movement towards slow fashion.

For The Love of Nature

Our designs are inspired by what we love & we really, really, love nature. We choose organic and sustainable fabrics.   ​All of our clothing ​is cut/sewn ​in the United States. We feel choices like this decrease our carbon foot-print and helps protect the world that we raise our children in.

Our Second Love

Living a creative life feeds our soul. Color, texture, shape, lines, form, dimensionality – All of it – We are in love with how the artistic process leads you some where you’ve never been. The process brings you together with other creative minds. It connects you to new ideas and can result in beautiful collaborations.

We hope you enjoy our Color & Cloud inspired line.